Summit Physiotherapy and Shoulder Centre situated in Palm Beach has incorporated our experience with swimming and other overhead sports such as tennis, surf lifesaving and kayaking to create a bias towards shoulder management within the clinic.

Tim is currently involved in a PhD at Bond University that incorporates the latest research in tendon management and its’ application to treating shoulder pain, and in particular, long standing shoulder pain.

A long history of treating shoulders at both the elite and non-elite level has also developed a network of highly skilled and experienced shoulder specialists including Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sports Physicians. This allows us, if necessary to quickly get an accurate diagnosis and course of management for your problem.

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Collaboration between the physiotherapist’s and our consulting podiatrist, Ben Harcourt, create a complete approach to management foot injuries and problems. Inclusive to foot assessment is analysis of walking/running patterns, by both the podiatrist and physiotherapist using gait analysis software and full body musculo-skeletal screening The podiatrist may also provide advice on footwear and if there is a need for orthotics to alter the strain in the foot.

Conditions we treat include:

• Plantar Fascitis

• Achilles Tendinopathy/ Tendonitis

• Stress Fractures

• Morton’s Neuroma


Through 20 years working with some of the best runners in Queensland and the World, consultants to Queensland and Australian Triathlon and a keen interest in the biomechanics of running we have a unique and successful approach to analysing and correcting running faults that will result in increased performance and decreased injury. As biomechanics apply to the “ weekend warrior “ just as they do to the elite representative runner – the approach to improving running performance and decreasing injuries remains the same for all.


Our History with Swimming

Our involvement with swimming has spanned over 20 years. Beginning in the small suburban clubs in Brisbane and evolving into working with the elite clubs on the Gold Coast. Associated with this was an increasing involvement of travel with representative teams – initially with the Queensland Swimming Team for 8 years or more and, ultimately, working with the Australian Swimming Team at World Championships, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Consultants to Swimming Queensland, Queensland Academy of Sport and Swimming Australia since 1998 through to the late 2000’s has resulted in developing an understanding and an approach to managing swimmers and swimming injuries that works.


A lifetime of surfing has resulted in an involvement working with the sport as a Physiotherapist for the elite WSL tour and through to club and recreational surfers alike. We have been Consultant Physiotherapist to the Surfing Australia Hurley High Performance Centre at Casurina for the past 10 years and this has enabled us to work alongside elite coaches and biomechanists at the centre.

Tim has also been involved in research contribution and direction with Bond University into surfing injuries and the particular traits of the human body that are “ surfing unique “.

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