Aus-nep Australia is an Australian tax-deductible charity providinghealth care to those in need in Nepal

$1 from every transaction from Summit Physiotherapy and Shoulder centre will go directly to Aus-nep charity.


A grass roots organisation providing free life changing surgeries & dental treatments to those who cannot afford to access health care. There is no free health care in Nepal like there is here in Australia.

Ausnep sees need & acts upon it, helping where it matters All volunteers are self-funded and travel to remote locations where we create an operating theatre in the most basic of settings. We provide life changing operations and services to those who truly need them.

Nepal is a country steeped in culture and tradition, a beautiful country located in the southern part of Asia and home to eight of the world’s highest mountains. Land locked between China, Tibet & India it is one of the poorest and least devolved countries in the world with life expectancy averaging 60 years young (World bank Report).

Approximately 55.1% of the population live below the poverty line and have little or no access to health care. Living on less than $1.25(US) per day. Despite improvements, the ‘gap’ between rich and poor continues to widen (Asian Development Bank ADB report, August 09).

Ausnep was Established in January 2008 as a not for profit organisation and achieved charitable status and tax deductibility in April 2015.


Any donation to this charity will greatly contribute to improving the quality of life of many Nepalese people. …

All money raised will go directly to the people of Nepal to provide life changing medical operations.

Please visit the website to see the work that has been achieved and to see what’s coming up next & how you can help.