Jake Bradbury

Jake Bradbury

Massage Therapist

Lecturer and student clinic supervisor at the Massage Schools of Queensland Burleigh Heads campus, Remedial Massage Therapist to Gold Coast Titans, Village Roadshow Theme Parks performance departments.

During his time working as a Lecturer in the fields of Anatomy & Physiology and Clinical orthopaedic assessment, Jake has developed a special interest in the use of soft tissue techniques to increase joint range of motion, enhance physical performance and decrease symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions.

He is passionate about continued education and helping people achieve ethical, evidence based solutions for complex joint dysfunction (Shoulder, Hip and Knee pain), chronic pain (Tension headaches, Lower back pain) and currently holds multiple contracts within occupational health and safety departments, adopting clinically oriented soft tissue techniques to ensure optimal performance while decreasing risk of injury.

Jake has experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and complaints, and enjoys working with clients of various ages, athletic ability, and health status. He is a regular therapist for a number of professional performers within the Stunt, Dance, Acrobatics and Film industries, and for many elite athletes, particularly within the sports of Triathlon, Rugby League, Cycling, AFL and Surfing.